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Attorneys for Civil Litigation & Personal Injury in Bedford, PA

Allison & Rickards, Attorneys at Law, LLC, has been in legal cases for civil litigation and personal injury in Bedford, Pennsylvania, since June 2004. With nearly 50 years combined experience, our attorneys have enough experience in the courtroom to assist in a variety of cases.

Our motto is: “Injured? You don’t have to leave Bedford County for representation.”

Whether it is in the form of simple mediation or a full and intense court case, Allison and Rickards, Attorneys at Law, have the knowledge and passion it takes to represent their clients in Bedford, Pennsylvania. If you need representation in the Central Pennsylvania area, call (814) 623-7566 or contact us online.

Practice Areas

While our main focus in our law practice is civil litigation and personal injury law, we also represent clients for cases like:

Civil litigation law is for clients or parties who seek money or a special performance rather than a criminal sentence.

Allison & Rickards, Attorney at Law, LLC is here to help with the hardships that come along with a personal injury.


With nearly 50 years combined experience, attorneys Allison & Rickards have been defending and representing clients who need counsel in cases like car accidents.

Contract Disputes

Allison & Rickards have experience in the courtroom and know that our clients need someone they can trust.

Real Estate

Having someone to represent you that you can work with as a team and trust is the most important part.

Estate Law

We offer you advice to give you plenty of options to take the stress off of you when it comes time to enter the courtroom.

Wrongful Death & Survival

We can help you get the compensation you need when you have to deal with a hard situation, due to negligence.

Insuranced Bad Faith

Allison & Rickards, Attorney at Law, can give you the legal council you need when it comes to insuranced bad faith.

Premises Liability

We are here to take some of the burden from you and represent you in mediations or the court of law.


Bradley D. Allison

Portrait of Attorney Bradley D. Allison

Attorney Bradley D. Allison has been a native of Bedford County since his birth in Windber, PA, in 1970. After his graduation from Chestnut Ridge High School, he attended Penn State University where he graduated with High Distinction and a degree in English. He moved on to get his law degree from Dickinson School of Law in Carlisle, Pennsylvania. During his time in law school, he worked as a clerk for some impressive law firms, such as Wix, Wenger & Weidner, P.C. in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania.

In 1997, he passed his Pennsylvania Bar Examination to get his license to practice. In 1999, he returned to Bedford and opened our law office in June of 2004. He has civil trial experience in state and federal court, giving him the experience he needs to represent you in civil litigation and personal injury on appeal in the state court systems.


Girard E. Rickards

Girard E. Rickards was born at Florida’s Tyndall Air Force Base in 1961. Gerry enlisted in the United States Air Force in 1980. He served as a Russian Linguist during the Cold War and gained the rank of Staff Sergeant (SSG). He achieved the rank of Master Sergeant (MSG) while serving in the Air Force Reserve between 1986 and 1990. While serving, he received an associate’s degree in Interpreting and Translating from the USAF Air University and a bachelor’s degree in Public Policy from Penn State University Capitol College.

In 1990, upon graduation from the Dickinson School of Law, he transferred to the Pennsylvania Army National Guard joining the Judge Advocate General’s (JAG) Corps. He earned the rank of Major (MAJ) before retiring from the military. Attorney Rickards has broad experience working in private law firm as well as in-house for an insurance company. Since 2004, Attorney Rickards has focused his practice helping those who have been injured due to no fault of their own. Mr. Rickards is board certified as a Civil Trial Specialist by the National Board of Trial Advocacy, and has been so certified since February 13, 1998.

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